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There was a vacant listing that was on the MLS for about 150 days with a lot of activity, several offers, and several price reductions, the last reduction lowered the asking to $105k. The realtor engaged Staged 2 Perfection as the listing was expiring, a meeting was held with the owner (who lived out of state) and an agreement was reached to have the Staged 2 Perfection team stage the vacant house and the realtor retained the customer for relisting the house for 90 days. The team went in, staged the property, the realtor relisted at $120k, and there was a full price offer within 2 weeks of the relisting. The property has passed the inspection and appraisal hurdles and is pending…..

As a vacant home with 2 master bedroom suites, the property was languishing and potential buyers focused on the 2 masters and then any faults that they found. The Staged 2 Perfection team brought in enough furnishing and accessories to allow buyers’ imagination to work and see themselves in the house, taking their attention off the oddity of 2 master suites and a variety of cosmetic and inconsequential flaws.

During inspections, the realtor received several text messages from the buyer’s agent asking if she knew if the furnishes were also for sale. The owners, when visiting the property after the staging told their realtor that if the deal fell through the would keep the property and did she know if the staging company (Staged 2 Perfection) would sell them the furnishings!

When dealing with a vacant property, we take our team in, brainstorm each key room, gather all input from the realtor and any feedback from showings, perform our own evaluation of interesting features and visible faults, then fashion a plan and execution timeframe.

Once accepted by the owner(s) and realtor, we execute the plan with a salable property as the result.

Why Stage With Us?

  • Our client’s homes generally sell faster and for higher prices than upstaged homes.
  • We work with all property types in Brevard County, including single-family homes, luxury homes, estates, high-rise condos, cottages, and midsize houses.

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