Stage to Live

We recently attended an agent’s open house and observed the other attendees….

The agent had almost no questions about the property and very little interaction with the attendees. Why? Almost to a person, they were lost in the pictures that the owner had covering the walls. Beautiful, fascinating pictures of life and far away places…..that provided a complete distraction from the business at hand….showing and selling the property!

Staging to Live is arguably the most difficult type of staging. Many times, the owner does not want to take down/remove the artwork, collectables, etc. that they have assembled, are a major element that forms their comfort zone/safe haven, and they just plain enjoy!

We work hand in hand with the property owner and the agent to go through the property, identifying the changes, removals, and additions that will turn a home into the saleable product.

The end result is an environment that remains comfortable to the current owners’ lifestyle, but sparks the imagination of potential buyers, enabling them to place themselves living in the property. The owner and agent are also in agreement about how the property should look for all showings and any open houses that might be held and who is responsible for performing the readiness activities.

Why Stage With Us?

  • Our client’s homes generally sell faster and for higher prices than upstaged homes.
  • We work with all property types in Brevard County, including single-family homes, luxury homes, estates, high-rise condos, cottages, and midsize houses.